Project: SOURCE

Project: SOURCE

H2020 2023 – 2026


Sustainable routes for synthetic graphite production for high-performance Lithium-Ion battery anodes
H2020 Project 101104034

2023 – 2026


Project’s aim

SOURCE will develop, improve and demonstrate in an industrially relevant environment economically and environmentally viable routes for producing battery-grade synthetic graphite for high-performance anodes. SOURCE will first enable the production of carbon precursors from heterogeneous raw material sources, including alternative sustainable petroleum feedstocks, bio-waste and black mass from recycled batteries, to reduce the current dependence of synthetic graphite from petroleum-based coke.

SOURCE achievements will increase EU competitiveness and independence from foreign graphite suppliers and anode manufacturers. SOURCE technologies and materials will be directly exploited by its top-level industrial partners with a direct market presence and already established commercial channels, ensuring SOURCE value chain sustainability.

  • Life cycle assessment and sustainability
  • Socio-economical assessment