Project: MONSOON

Project: MONSOON

H2020 2016 – 2019


MOdel based coNtrol framework for Site-wide OptmizatiON of data-intensive processes
H2020 – N. 723650

2016 – 2019 (36 months)


Research & Innovation Action

  • European Community Funding framework: SPIRE (Sustain Process Industry through Resource & Energy Efficiency)
  • Topic addressed: SPIRE 02-2016 Plant-wide monitoring and control of data-intensive processes.


Project’s aim

The MONSOON vision is to provide Process Industries with dependable tools to help achieving improvements in the efficient use and re-use of raw resources and energy. The project aims at implementing a cross sectorial Data Lab to build some Predictive Functions based on Big Data Analytics tools to optimize the production processes. A plant operations platform will be developed in order to deploy these Predictive Functions in real-time.
MONSOON will be developed and evaluated in two sites, one Plastic plant in Portugal and one Aluminium Plant in France.

  • Lifecycle Management plugin
  • LCA and LCC expertise for the platform implementation