Project: INTEND

Project: INTEND

Life 2003 – 2005


Definition of an EPD system that can be applied at international level and its implementation in two pilot countries (Sweden and Italy)
LIFE03 ENV/IT/000324

2003 – 2005


Project’s aim

INTEND project sought to develop and test an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) system, according to ISO TR 14025, that could be applied at an international level.  After a careful analysis of already existing EPD schemes, with particular attention paid to the Swedish and Italian experience, the project led to the definition of a new international EPD framework with its own coordination rules, harmonization principles, common logo, reporting format and product specific requirement (PSR) rules.

  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment activities on specific manufacturing processes
  • Supporting the development of the EPD background methodology
  • Company seminars on LCA and EPD