Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has always been central for LCE. Thanks to its ability to evaluate products’ and services’ life cycle, LCA represents an important assessment tool for any companies’ sustainability strategy. We have started to study and master LCA back in 1994 when LCA was beginning to be introduced in Italy. Since then we have continued to look into it and have published different papers, books and manuals to convey as much as possible our knowledge and experience on LCA.

Our books follow the evolution of the use of LCA by company and society, from a topic specifically dedicated to researchers and students to a scientific support for environmental communication and green marketing to its embedding into companies’ business strategy.





Marino M., Pratesi C.A.

EdizioniAmbiente, 2015

What does it mean to apply LCA to the food sector? That is what we deepened together with Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Full Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability at Roma Tre University. Using LCA we analyzed all stages of food production – from field or farms to industrial processing, packaging, distribution and consumption – and rigorously defined their environmental impacts. The outcomes is that even if it may displease someone, there are no easy recipes, and every food choice has complex consequences, with advantages and contraindications both for us – as individual consumers and as part of a community – and for the environment.

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nuova versione aggiornata
Manuali di progettazione sostenibile

Badino V., Baldo G.L.

Ipaservizi Editore, 2008

Our latest LCA manual, it addresses Life Cycle Assessment, as the basic tool for «Life Cycle Thinking» far beyond its technical components, offering a review of theoretical ideas and case studies, to bring people closer to issues related to environmental sustainability.

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ANALISI DEL CICLO DI VITA LCA. Materiali prodotti, processi

Baldo G.L., Marino M., Rossi S.

Edizioni Ambiente, 2005

The rapid and ongoing evolution of LCA led us to make an update. 2000 book that was “revised, corrected and expanded” on the basis of further experiences and regulatory updates that have become available. In the meantime, the manuscript took another role: that of a real manual. Indeed, it represents also a review of over ten years of activity in this sector revealing how, starting from a research-only approach, LCA has evolved and adapted also for a wider use: from support to environmental communication and green marketing, up to being integrated with eco-design evaluation.

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LCA, LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT. Uno strumento di analisi energetica e ambientale

Badino V., Baldo G.L.

Ipaservizi Editore, 2000

Published in early 2000, this book was possible also thanks to the activities made by the national agency for environmental protection (ANPA, now ISPRA). Indeed, between 1999 and 2003, ANPA together with some big companies and certification bodies, started to put effort in the development of the EPD Systems and experienced a period of interest from relevant stakeholders. This book focus in particular on LCA applied to the environmental and energy analysis in companies and gives insights on how businesses could embed LCA in their environmental and energy strategy.

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Badino V., Baldo G.L.

Edizioni Esculapio, 1998

Our first book was published with the explicit goal to summarize a doc and post-doc research activity on the Life Cycle Assessment issue applied to industrial processes. The intended audience was mainly composed by students of the Politecnico of Torino engineering faculty. Indeed in that period, the life cycle assessment methodology was gaining importance in economics for engineers and industrial ecology courses.

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