Supporting OROGEL in core brand values identification and sustainability reporting




OROGEL – one of the major Italian food group- has devoted itself to produce healthy products in the full respect of people and the environment.

In 2013, the Group asked our help to learn how to effectively communicate their sustainability efforts to their customers, through a sustainability reporting system.



Sustainability is strongly related to a brand’s core values. In order to proceed to effective reporting, there is a need for identifying the brand’s core values and how sustainability interacts with them – namely, how sustainability is embedded into the business strategy.

LCE helped OROGEL to defining its core sustainability values and to develop its first sustainability report. One-to-one interviews were performed with members of the different Group’s areas (research&development, quality&safety, marketing, environment, etc.) to identify the core values of OROGEL brand. Then, the Group’s sustainability initiatives were recollected into thematic areas related with the brand’s core values. Finally, LCE helped OROGEL in structuring the report according to the specific needs.



Since 2014, OROGEL autonomously drafts its annual sustainability report. The reporting system is aligned with the core brand values, and information is presented categorizing initiatives into thematic areas (e.g. product freshness and quality, workers’ rights, and respect for the natural environment).



“Good technical support to the editing of the sustainability report with a major focus on enhancing all the activities taken to improve our environmental performances. A real ‘sustainability talent scout’.”

Giulia Rossi