Assessing the environmental performance of ECONYL, the first Nylon 6 yarn from 100% waste materials





Aquafil Group is a global leader in the synthetic fibers industry. In 2011 the company launched ECONYL® Regeneration System, an innovative industrial system for producing Nylon yarn from 100% waste materials and a reliable and transparent way to calculate, certify and communicate the environmental performances of the new process was then needed.



The full Life Cycle Assessment of the ECONYL® yarn was the first step of the long term collaboration between Aquafil and LCE, providing the company with quantitative information about the product’s environmental impact. ECONYL® environmental profile was benchmarked against a normal Nylon fiber, showing that the use of a recycled yarn leads to significant benefits in terms of reduced consumption of natural resources and greenhouse gasses emissions.

An ISO 14025 certified Environmental Product declaration of ECONYL® fiber was the next step, satisfying Aquafil’s need for an accurate, transparent and verified environmental communication tool.



The ECONYL® regenerated yarncomes with the same performance characteristics as virgin quality nylon, while ensuring significant environmental benefits. ECONYL® is now sold worldwide and it is used by the most important brands both in the carpet industry and the textile and fashion ones.



ECONYL is produced in Aquafil’s Slovenian plants. Nylon waste is collected through an international network which operates worldwide.