Aquafil CSR Tool for environmental reporting




Aquafil Group is the leader in Europe and the second largest global player in the Bulk Continuous Filaments sector, owing 40% of the European market share. One of the Aquafil Group’s main strategic priorities is to grow and produce in full respect of the environment. The efficient management of environmental aspects related to production activities depends on their measurement with performance indicators. For this reason, in 2013 Aquafil decided to implement a web platform for environmental reporting.



LCE developed a customized online tool for gathering, measuring and analyzing environmental information from all of the Group’s production plants.

Each plant accesses the tool on a monthly basis and inputs data related to a range of environmental issues such as energy and water consumption, emissions into bodies of water and waste. The tool calculates real-time performance indicators and compares them with the expected value for that indicator. In this way, each plant is able to undertake preventative measures regarding its progress. The reliability of the information entered is ensured by double-checking data and indicators carried out by the managers of each plant and the platform administrator.



In 2014, the web tool became fully operational in the company dynamics and it is currently used for calculating the environmental burden related to the Group’s activity, releasing different environmental indicators, including carbon footprint. The tool plays a fundamental role in the Group’s CSR strategy, allowing to define the Group’s environmental KPIs and to measure the achieved results.



The tool is currently used by more than 13 plants in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, China, USA, Thailand, and Germany.