Buzzi Unicem Epd Web Tool



Buzzi Unicem is an international company for production and commercialization of cement, concrete, ready-mix concrete and special binders, with a strong focus on sustainability. Buzzi Unicem started performing LCAs on its products in 2004 and recently wanted to extend the approach to all products supporting also clients in performing their own analysis with reliable and robust data on raw materials.

Main goal was to achieve a standard, simple and robust approach to address local and international market request, with specific regard to Italian environmental constraints on GPP, the so call Criteri Ambientali Minimi (CAM).

For this reason Buzzi Unicem launched in 2017 the “EPD WEB” project to collect corporate data at plant and generate certified EPDs and additional reports according to the specific internal and internal stakeholders, making available this sustainability service to all accredited partners.


LCE supported Buzzi Unicem in developing the web platform that had to:
1) Be easy to use, for any internal and external user with little or no LCA experience
2) Generate certified EPDs on demand for any of the products
3) Minimize certification costs
4) Guarantee sensible data confidentiality


Once consolidated annual plants data are automatically imported, the EPD WEB (verified by ICMQ S.p.A.) allows Buzzi Unicem and Unical to generate EPDs for selected products at any plant. EPD WEB is also available for any accredited user at, with its own handbook explaining use conditions, hypotheses, and results, to perform their own analysis based on certified impacts for raw materials from Buzzi Unicem.

Clients achieving their owns EPDs bases on Buzzi Unicem EPD WEB will take advantage of a special agreement with the same Verification Body.


Buzzi Unicem EPD WEB is currently covering all Italian plants, but is designed to be multilingual and ready to process data from other plants in the Group in Europe, America and Asia.