The EFFECTIVE project consortium, supported by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU), would like to open the podium for stakeholders, being already active or just stepping into the bio-based sector. We are interested in hearing your opinion on how you see the bio-based sector’s impact to the circular economy transition and green recovery, what your organization’s contribution could be and what you are interested in.
The main purpose of the questionnaire is to provide a general overview of intentions, ambitions, barriers and needs related to the bio-economy and future circular economy projects (taking into account also post-COVID19 recovery).
The results will serve as an inspiration and direction for further consultation as well as for creating strong, sustainable and vivid bio-based circular economy partnerships and solutions – right now and in the future. Results will be shared on the website and social media.

Share your opinion with us!

Follow the link: How can the bio-based sector contribute to the circular economy transition and green recovery?

Thank you in advance for an active partner in the bio-based community.